International Business School, BFSU

  International Business School (IBS) is one of the youngest and most vigorous schools in Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU). In keeping with the international vision of BFSU, IBS has launched English-based programs for international students. Its mission is to offer students a highly enriching and rewarding multi-disciplinary learning experience with its excellent business-related courses and the professional Chinese language teaching, thus help ensure their success as future managers and executives in the global economy.

  Our graduates are well versed in the latest business management theory and practice. They are prepared to be responsible business leaders of the 21st Century with a specialized focus on the emerging and challenging business issues as China continues to become an important economic partner for many developed economies.

Why study with us:

  ☆Internationalized curriculum coupled with Chinese studies (Chinese language, culture, economics, business, laws and social studies)

  ☆International faculty and internationally experienced Chinese professors: offering both the international and Chinese perspectives on contemporary business issues

  ☆Immersion Week: visit Fortune 500 companies and top Chinese companies every semester

  ☆Internships and employment opportunities in multinational companies and organizations in China

  ☆Diversity in the student composition: students come from over 60 countries, being able to develop cross-cultural communication skills in everyday life

  ☆Full Integration with the Chinese students: sitting in the same class with the top Chinese students, building your future social network

  ☆Free Homestay opportunities and Extended Family experience: Live with local Chinese families and immerse yourself into the real Chinese community

  ☆Scholarship available for excellent students.