Henan University of Chinese Medicine International Student Scholarship

Chinese Government Scholarship-Bilateral Program

In order to attract excellent international students to study at Henan University of Chinese Medicine, we establish this International Student Scholarship.

HUTCM University Scholarship

We still have other awards for international students with successful performance.


1.Applicants should abide by Chinese laws and regulations, and comply with HUTCM regulations;

2.Applicants should be positive in learning and with good performance;

3.Applicants should have finished the first full academic year at HUTCM with marks which meet the corresponding scholarship standard;

Application Deadline

Applications are accepted from September 1 to September 30 yearly.

Application Procedure and Documents

Applicants should turn in the Application Form with related documents to the School of International Education of HUTCM before the deadline. The Application Form is available at the School office or downloaded from the website: