Application fee: 200RMB

Tuition for one month: 1,800RMB

Tuition for two month: 2,600RMB

Tuition for three month: 3,600RMB

Tuition for six month: 6,000RMB

Tuition for undergraduates of Art: 12,000/year (RMB)

Tuition for undergraduates of Science: 14,000/year (RMB)

Tuition for undergraduates of Medicine, Fine Art, P.E.: 16,000/year (RMB)

Accommodations: 1200/ year (RMB)

Textbooks: 500/year (RMB) (retreat more fill less)

Additional notes

1. Students will be responsible for their medical insurance and casualty insurance. 300RMB/semester for age 18-45, 500RMB/semester for age 46-60.

2. Students can get a free railway station and airport pickup for the first time to the university. (at Tonghua railway station and Taoxian International Airport, Shenyang, Liaoning Province)