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About Zhejiang

A brief introduction of Wenzhou
Wenzhou is a prosperous city located in the southeast part of Zhejiang Province. Situated in a very mountainous region, it has been isolated for most of its history from the rest of the country, making the local culture and language very different from those of neighboring areas.
However, perhaps what make it known world-widely are its vibrant business activities. Wenzhou is a birthplace of the China private economy. In the early days of opening up and reform, the people of Wenzhou took the lead in developing commodity economy, household industries and specialized markets. Thousands upon thousands of people and families were engaged in household manufacturing to develop individual and private economy. Up till now, Wenzhou has a total of 240,000 individually-owned commercial and industrial units and 130,000 private enterprises of which 180 are group companies, 4 among China’s top 500 enterprises and 36 among national 500 top private enterprises. The quantity, industrial output, tax, export and number of employees of the private enterprises account for 99%, 96%, 75%, 95% and 80% of the whole city respectively. There are 27 national production bases such as “China’s Shoes Capital” and “China’s Capital of Electrical Equipment”, 40 China’s famous trademarks and China’s famous-brand products and 67 national inspection-exempt products in the city.
The city of Wenzhou is a world leader in lighter manufacturing with over 500 such companies in the city.The development of private economy in Wenzhou has created the “Wenzhou Economic Model”, which gives great inspiration to the modernization drive in China.


A brief introduction of Yiwu
Yiwu is located in the central part of Zhejiang Province. Yiwu is the trade center of small commodities. Its volume of business continuously ranks the top one in ten straight years in China. At present, Yiwu is the biggest small commodities collection and distribution center and is acknowledged as the biggest market in the world by international authoritative organization like United Nations, World Bank and so on. At present, Yiwu is one of the four biggest shirts production bases in China and it produces one fourth of domestic zippers. Besides, Yiwu has 30,000 hosiery machines which are the most advanced in the world and it produces 40% of socks in China.


A brief introduction of Ningbo
Ningbo, a with sub-provincial administrative status, lies in the northeastern Zhejiang Province and at the south of Hangzhou Bay. It was one of China's oldest cities, with a history dating back to 4800 BC the Hemudu culture and was known as a trade city on the Silk Road at least two thousand years ago.
Ningbo is a very important economic hub and port city and has a port second only to Shanghai. It is considered as one of the three economic center of Zhejiang Province and is the richest city in Zhejiang. The city's per capita output was $10,079, more than three times the national average and ranks in the fourth place in China. Ningbo’s consumption level ranks the second domestically and it is one of ten most competitive cities in China.

A brief introduction of Shaoxing
Shaoxing lies in the northeastern Zhejaing Province and on the south bank of the Qiantang River mouth. Due to the long history, Shaoxing has accumulated and handed down characteristic culture: Yue Culture.

Shaoxing is a typical southern Chinese riverside town with a reputation as Oriental Venice for its scattered waterways and bridges. The GDP of Shaoxing ranks the fourth place in Zhejiang Province and is one of ten most prosperous cities in China. It is also considered as the global textile city and global textile trade center. In 2008, Habitat Scroll of Honour Awards was presented to Shaoxing for its excellent living environment and in 2009, Shaoxing was awarded as one of the ten most beautiful cities in China.

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