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Chemical Engineering and Technology

Training Objectives
The major aims to cultivate cross-cultural application-oriented engineering technicians equipped with basic theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills in the field of chemical engineering and technology,techniques,design and discipline-crossing. These technicians are also equipped with entrepreneur spirit,marketing savvy,innovative capability and international outlook, who can well engage in production, technical design, new-product development and research, quality inspection, production techniques and operation management and so on.
This program will completely take the international main-stream training module in the field of chemical engineering and technology, and combine the Chinese characteristics as well. The students will study basic theories of chemistry, biology and chemical engineering, and trainedwith the management of chemical production and technology, chemical engineering design and research. They have the basic capacity of design, production, management and research and development in chemical technology, resource utilization, chemical engineering fields.
The graduate of this program should obtain the following knowledge and skills:
1)Basic theories of chemistry, biology and chemical engineering and technology.
2)Basic technologies of chemicalengieering, agro-product preserve and processing and chemical biotechnology.
3)Basic capacity of development of new resource, new product, new technology and new process. Basic capacity of technology design, management and economic analysis.
4)Familiar with regulations and laws of chemicalengieering industry.
5)Have a good command of applicational and professional English;
6)Grasping essential method of literature searching and material inquiry, and also being able to gain new knowledge independently.Having the ability of function management during production process and technique improving.
Training methods
Graduate training carries out the tutor-responsible system, takes course learning, scientific research, new technology development and related project research as the main ways.
Besides the minimum of 34 credits of degree requirements, the graduate students should undertake research programs related to their major fields andget primary research achievements, then apply for defense.
Core Courses
Numerical methods、Selections of Chemical Separation Technology、AdvanceOrganic synthesis chemistry theory、Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat & Mass Transfer、Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics、Advanced Reaction Engineering、Naturalproduct chemistry、Biomass Resources Utilization、Process Design and Optimization、Advanced Biochemistry、Green Chemistry and Chemical Technology、Catalysis and Catalyst、Enzyme Engineering
Main Practice/Internship
Science research practices, Literature review and Opening report,Academic report,Graduate project (thesis)

Civil Engineering

Training Objectives
The purpose of this program is to train high-level application-oriented, international and integrated senior engineering technicians with innovation capacity. The students of this program should grasp the basic theories and knowledge of civil engineering discipline, understand the technology status and development trends of civil engineering, master the means of modern technology and advanced techniques to solve engineering problems. The graduates would be able to work on relative vocation of engineering technology and project management in the field of civil engineering with strong innovation capacity, ability to continue learning and international perspective.
Training Requirements
Knowledge:basic theories and specialized knowledge of civil engineering, including Geo-technical Engineering, Structure Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering and New Building Materials.
Skills:skillfully using technical standards, manuals and specifications of civil engineering, mastering the advanced and modern technology to solve engineering problems, and being able to work on relative vocation of engineering technology and project management in the field of civil engineering with strong innovation capacity, ability to continue learning and international perspective.
Quality:Healthy;ability to adapt and self-regulate in mental and physical ; ability to access information and self-teach; good communication skills; upright academic ethics; strong sense of responsibility, dedication and professionalism, strong legal concept; love China, love socialism ; civilized behavior, kind to others; to comply with Chinese laws and respect Chinese culture.
Major Disciplines:
Structure Engineering;
Geo-technical Engineering;
Bridge and Tunnel Engineering;
New Building Materials

Core Courses
Numerical computation technique; Elastic-plastic mechanics; Experimental technology in civil engineering; Advanced concrete structure; Tunnel Engineering; Advanced soil mechanics; Performance and test methods of cementitious materials; Advanced foundation engineering; Special soil and foundation treatment technology; Health monitoring technique in civil engineering structures; Computational structural mechanics; Theory of underground structural design; Theory and application of fiber composite materials; New technology of engineering composites; Soil dynamics and engineering application; Earthquake engineering
Main Internship and Practice
Engineering Practice
Academic Report

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