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Language Arts
English Composition (9th grade)
World Literature* (10th grade)
American Literature (11th grade)
Creative Writing (all grades; one semester, fall & spring)
AP English Literature and Composition (12th grade)
Speech (one semester, fall & spring)
Communication skills (one semester)
Language Skills Development (I & 2)
Reading Skills Development I
Reading Skills Development II
Writing Skills Development (Level I)
Academic Writing Skills (Level II)
Pre-Algebra (per skill level)
Algebra I (per skill level)
Geometry (per skill level)
Algebra II (per skill level)
Pre-Calculus (per skill level)
Calculus (per skill level and permission of instructor)
Physical Science (9th grade)
Biology (10th grade; AP Option)
Chemistry (11th grade; AP Option)
Physics (12th grade)
Astronomy and Navigation (spring only)
Scientific Method and Research (spring only)
Health (fall only)
Science Survey ( I and 2)
Social Studies
American Government (fall only; 9th grade)
World History Survey*
World History* (10th grade)
AP World History* (12th grade)
U.S. History (11th grade)
U.S. History and Geography Survey
Essential U.S. History (one semester, fall & spring)
Economics (11th/12th grade)
Sociology (12th grade; spring only)
Public International Law* (11th or 12th grade; spring only)
Drawing I
Drawing II
Painting I
Painting II
Design (one semester, fall only)
Sculpture (one semester, spring only)
World Art* (one semester, fall & spring)
World Dance Survey* (one semester, fall & spring)
Improvisational Drama (fall semester only – all grade levels)
Acting (spring semester only – all grade levels)
Appreciating Popular Music (fall only)
Appreciating Classical Music (spring only)
World Music I * (fall only)
World Music II * (spring only)
Physical Education
General Physical Education
Fitness (one semester, fall & spring)
Introduction to Computers and MS Office (fall only)
Java Programming
College and Career Preparation (12th grade; fall only)
Chinese Course Description
Comprehensive Chinese (Primary)
Comprehensive Chinese (Intermediate)
Comprehensive Chinese (Advanced)
Chinese Culture
Chinese History
Chinese Music
Chinese Geography