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Huaqiao University
Major Setup
School Calendar and How to Apply
Charges and Other Expenses
Method for Contacting
Enrollment Online
School Calendar and How to Apply
1. School Calendar: An academic year is divided into two semesters. The first semester begins in early September and the second in mid or late February. Entry is also welcome at any other time.
2. How to Apply:
1) Fill out the Application Form (see attached below) and forward it to Admission Office of the College.
2) The College will post to students both the JW202 Form and Admission Letter one month after receiving the Application Form. Students may apply for a study visa with the JW202 Form and Admission Letter at the local Chinese Embassy. Also, they can hold a tourist visa to enroll in the College, and the College will help to transfer to a study visa.
3) Students transferred from other universities of China must have a transferred resident permit from the local public security bureau.
4) The College offers assistance to students to apply for a foreign resident permit and health examination one week after they enter China. But the expenses have to be paid by students themselves.