Sun Yat-sen University is one of the key universities directly under the Ministry of Education of China and it is also a multi-disciplinary tertiary institution achieving the state projects of “985” and “211”, ranking as one of the leading universities in China and at the top in South China.

Sun Yat-sen University offers an extensive range of curricula covering the fields of natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, medical sciences, technology and managerial sciences. Altogether there are 29 schools and other colleges in the University, including the Graduate School, School of Software, College of Network Education and the College of Continuing Higher Education. At the undergraduate level the courses are offered in 97 subject areas; at the graduate level, Master’s degrees are conferred in 251 subject areas and doctorates in 180. Currently the University also offers 23 new specialized degree programs. Furthermore, there are 23 postdoctoral programs.