Curriculum for Elementary Department

Jincai Elementary School is part of Shanghai Jincai International School. The elementary department was first founded in the fall of 2006 and caters to students in grades 1 through 5. Our graduates enter directly into the Junior High department. Our youngsters are diverse in background, coming from a wide range of twenty countries and areas. Life at JCES is dynamic and interactive.

Language Arts9 periods per week
Math5 periods per week
Chinese5 periods per week
Science3 periods per week
Social Studies3 periods per week
Library2 periods per week
Computer2 periods per week
Music 2 periods per week
PE2 periods per week
Art2 periods per week
ESL/CSL/Sports4 periods per week
Study Hall

Courses for Chinese section

Courses for Oversea students

To those who have learned Chinese, we offer them Grade 6 to Grade 12 courses, which utilize junior and senior middle school textbooks combined with our own teaching materials.

All the students, including the juniors who have finished a 3-or-4-year course and the seniors who have done the 3-year course, have access to the graduation diploma issued by Shanghai Jincai High School when they pass the qualification test accordingly. The graduates can apply for a higher level school or university.

The International Division of Jincai High School has a good relationship with Fudan University, Shanghai Tongji University, Jiao Tong University, which makes students’ enrollment easier and more probable.

Coaching Classes for the College Entrance Examination

The coaching classes are set for students from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao in the years of grade 11 and 12. In the curriculum design, under the “general outline for the entrance examination for students from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao”, our school has established our own teaching plan, helping students to become familiar with the tests so as to obtain better results on the final exams.

In recent years, JCID is highly recognized with its persistent quality of education and its stable educational level. The success rate for entry into colleges/universities in China is very high for students graduating from JCID. What’s more, our school excels in the autonomous enrollment of Top Universities such as Fudan University, Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics etc. Some students have successfully enrolled in top universities abroad.

Curriculum for Chinese Section

SubjectGrade 6Grade 7Grade 8Grade 9
ChineseChinese - Appropriate Placement
EnglishEnglish (normal/high level)English (normal/high level)English (normal/high level)English (normal/high level)
Social StudiesGeography/HistoryGeography/HistoryGeography/HistoryGeography/History
ScienceIntegrated Science life SciencePhysicsPhysics/Chemistry
MathematicsMath Gr.6Math Gr.7Math Gr.8Math Gr.9
Physical EducationPhysical Education & HealthPhysical Education & HealthPhysical Education & HealthPhysical Education & Health
Fine ArtsGeneral Art & Music AppreciationGeneral Art & Music AppreciationGeneral Art & Music AppreciationGeneral Art & Music Appreciation

SubjectGrade 10Grade 11Grade 12
ChineseChinese-Appropriate Placement
EnglishLiterature/English (normal/high level)Literature/English (normal/high level)Literature/English (normal/high level)
Social StudiesGeography/HistoryGeography/HistoryGeography/History
MathematicsMath Gr.10Math Gr.11Math Gr.12
Physical EducationPhysical Education & HealthPhysical Education & HealthPhysical Education & Health
Fine ArtsGeneral Art & Music AppreciationMusic Appreciation
GuidanceSAT/ TOEFLCollege ApplicationCollege Application