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Master of Science in International Transport & Logistics in English


This program is provided to develop highly trained management personnel of international transportation and logistics who can play an important role in the economy of a modern society.

2. Entrance requirements

A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline with knowledge of advanced mathematics AND/OR the highest grade certificate of competency for unrestricted service as master mariner or chief engineer with good health;

TOEFL 80 or IELTS 6.0 (or above)

3. Application

The application form can be downloaded from the programme website or

Applicants should provide a copy of passport, certificate of BSc/BA degree, transcript during the undergraduate study, TOEFL or IELTS test results, and two photos.

4. Program schedule

The program is 18 months long, dividing into 3 parts

Part 1: Preparatory Course (February to July every year) - full-time

Part 2: Specialization study (starting at the beginning of July every year) - full-time

Part 3: Project paper (in English) - part-time

5. Teaching Method

Teaching in English with original English textbooks, and the latest professional

information in industry provided by WMU professors.

Courses are taught through lectures, group discussion and self-study.

The program is based on a credit system.

6. Awards

The degree of Master of Science in International Transport & Logistics is awarded only to students who successfully complete all the courses and the project paper.

7. Tuition fees

Tuition fee: 85000RMB;

Textbooks and teaching: 6000RMB

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Program Structure

Six Units
(18 subjects, 1 project paper)
Number of Credits
Foundation studies
ITL01ECO–International economy and globalization2
TL01SOB2 – Management strategy and organizational behaviour2
ITL01DMT – Decision making techniques (Quantitative methods & statistics)3
ITL01ACT – Basic accounting 2
ITL01MKTS – Principles of marketing 2
International transport I – the structure
TL02MEC – Maritime economics2
TL02MAN – Ship management2
ITL02LAW – Legal framework of shipping2
ITL02FIN – Finance & investment appraisal in transport/logistics2
Logistics I – the system
ITL03PLO – Port logistics2
TL03ISC – Integrated supply chain management2
ITL03IDF – Investor's Decisions on Ship Finance2
ITL03SMA- Shipping Market Analysis2
International transport II – the market
ITL04BRO – Chartering practice and ship brokering2
ITL04CLI – Commercial law and marine insurance2
ITL04RSK - Risk management & Derivatives in shipping2
Logistics II – tools and application
ITL05MAL – Maritime logistics2
ITL05LSF –Legal issues of ship finance2
TL06PRJ – UNIT-6 / Integrative paper 6
Total 43

* A taught credit is equivalent to 15 class contact hours (15x45 minutes). A 2-credit subject, for example, is typically taught by a WMU professor within 5 days with 6 teaching hours per day (3 x 90’). Units have to be delivered in sequence though subjects within each unit can be taught in any order.

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