357 full-time teachers (66 professors, 107associate professors)

20 overseas experts

20 adjunct professors


Full time students – About 6600

Part time students – About 6800

Overseas students – About 40

Total – About 13440

Real Estate Holdings

Xiaoheshan Campus and Wensan Road Campus: About 43 hectares

Living Alumni

More than 35000; many of them are university professors, school teachers, educators or education administrators working in Zhejiang Province.


Key Training Base for Teachers in Zhejiang

Zhejiang Training Center for Education Administrators

Zhejiang Adjunct Center of UNESCO International Research and Training

Center for Rural Education

Zentrumfür Lehrerfortbildung der Provinz Zhejiang


Virtue, Perseverance, Erudition, Practicality

University History

1955 opened as Zhejiang Training School for Middle School Teachers

1956 merged with Zhejiang Training School for Primary School Teachers, and became Zhejiang College for Teacher Training

1958 renamed as Zhejiang Wenjiao College

1960 accredited as Zhejiang College of Education by Zhejiang Education Commission

1982 started offering part-time degree programs for teachers

1984 started offering degree programs by correspondence

1993 started enrolling full-time diploma students

1994 collaborated with Zhejiang Normal University and started enrolling full-time degree students

2002 accredited as Zhejiang University of Education by Zhejiang Provincial Government

2008 collaborated with Beijing International Studies University

2010 accredited as Zhejiang International Studies University by the State Ministry of Education and Zhejiang Provincial Government

Library Collection

The University Libraries have a collection of 800,000 books, 500,000 digital books and 1200 Chinese and foreign journals and periodicals.

Schools, Colleges and Departments

ZISU is made up of 14 principal academic units – twevel schools and colleges, plus two departments. All of them offer courses to both Chinese and overseas students.