Why China

So you're considering attending university in another country.

That's great!Studying abroad is an important first step to a new life, new ways of thinking, and new possibilities! You will grow in ways you cannot imagine.

Research shows that studying abroad has many benefits:

New friends from many countries and cultures

A better understanding of the world

A better understanding of your own culture

Greater interest in your schoolwork

Greater maturity

More self-confidence

New skills that can lead to better jobs

Living abroad for as few as six weeks can give you all of these benefits, and more!

Going to a university outside your home country shows you are special.It shows you are bold and daring.It shows you are open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. It shows you aren't afraid of challenges.

Living and studying abroad shows you are willing to grow and adapt to a changing world. You will become a true global citizen.

Why Should I Choose Beijing, China?

Learn from the Past, Participate in the Future

Beijing is an exciting city with a long, rich history and culture.It is a mixture of old and new, ancient and modern.

Emperors built palaces that have endured a thousand years.Monks inhabit temples that have been active for hundreds of years. Sculptors, potters, painters and musicians have made an impact that can be seen, heard, and felt even today. Old men play the erhu, dizi, or other traditional instruments on city sidewalks. Men and women of all ages gather in neighborhood parks for tai chi in the morning and dancing in the evening. The mouth-watering aroma of lamb kabobs grilled outdoors fills the air. Beijing opera is still performed in the traditional style.

At the same time the Olympic Birds Nest stadium stands as a monument of modern architecture.Below the city lies a bustling subway network.Hollywood often chooses Beijing as a backdrop for scenes in movies. Car manufactures hold an auto show every year where new models and concept cars are displayed.

More than Classes and Books

Life is more than study and the world is more than pages in a book. During your time in Beijing you owe it to yourself to experience the history and culture this city has to offer. Some of the things you might see are:

The Forbidden City

Summer Palace

Temple of Heaven

Beijing Acrobatics Show

China National Museum

The Great Wall

Reading history is good.

Experiencing history is better.

More than Rice and Tea

Foreigners often associate China with rice and tea, and for good reason. Chinese do love their rice and tea! However it is a serious mistake to assume that Chinese food is only, or even mostly, about rice and tea. Chinese restaurants are, of course, literally all around Beijing. You will be amazed at the variety of tasty and nutritious foods you will discover and enjoy — hot dishes, cold dishes, meat dishes, and vegetable dishes. Naturally you must try Peking roast duck.

Whether you like simple foods like rice and noodles or prefer spicy food, Beijing has it all — there is always something for everyone. But if you get tired of rice, noodles, and jiaozi (dumplings), Beijing has many restaurants to keep foreigners happy. Russian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Korean, Japanese, German, American and Italian food are all easily available, just to name a few. In fact, sushi, tacos and burritos,

Friendly People

You will find Beijing-ren (people of Beijing) to be friendly and helpful. For example, suppose you are in an area and can’t find a certain building. Just politely stop an old man walking on the sidewalk and show him the address you’re trying to find. He will likely take you by the arm and walk with you to your destination. Children will say “Hello” to you (in English). Young men and women will often smile at you and some may even want to take a photo with you.


The automatic and irresistible urge many Chinese feel to practice the only English word they know on every random foreigner they see.

Ready for the Future

For hundreds of years China was a world leader in art and science.Some problems,like World War II for example, created many challenges and difficulties for almost one hundred years.However, the challenges began to be solved as New China was founded in 1949.Today, many of the problems have disappeared. People's lifestyle has improved and China is again an active member of many international organizations.

The government is making many changes.Industries and the economy are becoming more market-based.China has introduced stock markets and has a modern banking system. The Chinese government wants Chinese businesses to be competitive. In fact, in 2010, China became the world's largest exporter. Today, China is the world's second-largest economy.

Clearly China wants to become an important player in global economics, commerce, and trade.In the future, if you want todo business in the world, you must do business with China.