Why Us

Our Place

BISTU-CIE is conveniently located near the 2008 Olympic Park. It's next to the famous Bird's Nest and Water Cube. There is a large shopping center within walking distance. There are also banks and restaurants nearby. Several buses stop immediately in front of the university and across the street. Subway stations are also very near making it very quick and easy to travel throughout the city.

The international student dormitory, your new home, has recently been updated. Each room houses two people and features a TV, free Wi-Fi, and its own complete bathroom with sink, toilet, and shower. Each floor has a spacious community kitchen area with refrigerators, stoves, and microwave ovens. The first floor has a laundry room with washers and dryers.

Our Instructional Programs

Chinese Language Programs

Bachelor Degree Programs

Master's Degree Programs

Our Chinese Language Programs are unique because they are very flexible. We offer intensive language courses lasting as little as two weeks. We also offer traditional study programs of up to two years. In between we offer Summer and Winter Language and Experience Camps lasting four or six weeks. Credit for our regular one or two semester courses can be applied to any bachelor degree program.

We also offer traditional 4-year bachelor's degrees in 35 different majors and 51 2.5-year master's degrees. See pages 15-17 for a complete list.

The university currently enjoys productive cooperation with 40 overseas universities from the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea, etc.

Our Extra-curricular Programs

BISTU-CIE provides many opportunities to experience China outside the classroom. Some of these enrichment activities, for example, include learning tai-chi or kung-fu. You might also choose to learn Chinese calligraphy or dance. Furthermore, each month BISTU-CIE arranges a group outing to visit sites like the Great Wall and other places of historical or cultural importance.

Our People

BISTU-CIE enjoys an outstanding location, modern facilities, and many great programs. However it is our people — both staff and students — that make BISTU CIE truly unique.

Our Chinese-language teachers are extraordinarily talented and creative. They use many different methods to reach different kinds of learners. Their classes are fun yet challenging, practical and rewarding. Our small classes allow our teachers to give you personal time and attention, both inside and outside the classroom.

But the quality of our teaching staff isn't the only reason we are unique. It's our students that make us truly special. Currently, BISTU has approximately 100 international students enrolled representing ten countries, including South Korea, the former Soviet Union countries and regions, and Africa. They bring their unique cultures and customs with them.

Beijing Government Scholarship

In order to attract more international students to pursue their higher education goals in Beijing, the Beijing Municipal Government has established the Beijing Government Scholarship Fund (BGS). The objectives of the BGS are to draw talented individuals to Beijing, facilitate scientific research, and promote the cross-cultural interchange of ideas.

BISTU is proud to be one of the few universities authorized to offer this scholarship. We hope that this Scholarship will inspire our international students to study diligently and help us develop our Chinese language instruction programs.

This merit-based Scholarship is used to cover all or part of the tuition fees, as shown in the table on the previous page. Per government regulations, only full scholarships will be awarded; there are no partial scholarships. For successful applicants, the full amount of the scholarship is awarded and the tuition fee waved when the student arrives and registers with the BISTU-CIE general office.

When a Scholarship is awarded, it is for that academic year only. Students must re-apply for the Scholarship every year.