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Student experience

S.M. Jahangir Alam from Bangladesh, a PhD candidate of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

The cultural function is a tradition in Xiamen University. One of them in 2012-2013, the University arranged exceptional cultural program for international students such as “Find Something from Hidden in Xiamen University”, dance, basketball tournament, Kung fu, Tai Ji, and others performance. The University made training and I attended there to show my “Tai Ji” performance and it has been awarded for this.

When I came here I met with many prominent and distinguished professors. During my study I found my all professors as “A man of letters”, perseverance, honesty, punctual, dedicated, willing to help the students, in one word I can say, it is a heaven for the students and student’s life in Xiamen University. The professors, Admission office, International Office, Graduate School and other stuffs are really friendly and cordial; I never forget them for their contribution to me. The Chinese students are also very helpful and cordial to help me. The Library and the class rooms are modern and well organized.


SalvientyMakarim from Indonesia, a PhD candidate of Physical Oceanography

I am a PhD student at the Joint Research Center for Ocean-Remote Sensing, Xiamen University - Delaware University –USA, the College of the Ocean and Earth Sciences. I work as a government researcher at the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, and I have come to Xiamen University through a PhD scholarship under the China Marine Government Scholarship.

My life in Xiang’an and Xiamen are so colourful. Despite their physical distance, Xiang’an and Xiamen are highly connected and easily commutable, and with the addition of the new submerged tunnel efficiently connecting the two places I can always be prepared for a visit to downtown Xiamen. I play tennis weekly with my friends, and I have recently joined the TaijiQuan club at the Xiang’an campus. In the weekends I like to visit downtown Xiamen for food tasting excursions, sightseeing, and of course shopping.


TronikeMeladze from Georgia, a Master’s Student in MBA

In Xiadamy major is MBA in Chinese. Xiamen’s student life, as I see is really interesting, giving to me more knowledge about Chinese people’s thoughts, Chinese Business, their behaviour in business and etc. that gives me a huge opportunity to know about China more than I do know. Of course I share my Georgian and not only Georgian experiences to my fellow schoolmates. We discuss many different themes of business, life or other.

The lectures are very smart and interesting people. They explain their subjects very well. Sometimes I want to sit with them and discuss so many thinks about what they are explaining to us, but I understand how busy they are, how many students they have and if all of us want to speak with them face to face I think it will last several months (smile). I would advise to my colleagues to attend all the lectures we have and not to be lazy getting so important knowledge about so many life important things.


Keshav Raj Sigdel from Nepal, a Master’s Student in Internal Medicine

Xiamen University is an amazing place for me to pursue my further study. With students of different religious and social background coming together and mutual trust and sociability develops instantly and helps make our stay at Xiamen University, more homely and unified experience. I am enrolled in a Chinese taught programme so obviously most of my colleagues are Chinese .I feel myself lucky to be bestowed with good friends who are always ready to help me in many ways whenever I stumble.

I’m in my second year of studying postgraduate in internal medicine at medical college matches my expectations perfectly. This field requires carefully supervised working experience in a hospital as well as research work. Now I’m clinical practicing in Xiamen university first affiliated hospital under very strong and devoted team. We are being offered many medical conferences in and outside the city which is really a good opportunity for us to enhance our knowledge and keep ourselves updated. In a nutshell life here is ‘chilled out ‘yet highly productive. My heart fills with great joy as I introduce myself as a student of XMU.


MarcoDaccarett from Mexico, a Master’s Student in International Trade

I was born and raised in Mexico, and as you know, it is located in North America, which is very far away from China. Besides this, my “Latin Culture”, in my personal opinion, is quite different to the “Chinese Culture” but neither distance nor cultural differences have been an obstacle to enjoy this incredible experience of living in China and Studying in Xiamen University.

About Xiamen University, first of all, I must say that is one of the most beautiful universities in China, and it is ranked on the TOP 5 best Chinese universities, academically speaking. I am proud to say that this university is my “alma mater”. The main campus is located in Xiamen Island, with a marvellous ocean view and full of many extracurricular activities such as music concerts, sport competitions, and cultural activities. As an international student of this university, I have been treated amazingly by Chinese students, professors and administration servants.


Matthew Johnson from the U.S., a Master’s Student in Applied Linguistics

I have been studying at Xiamen University for four years now. I started with two years of language study, and now I am finishing my course work for a Masters in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Xiamen University has one of the longest running programs for training Chinese language teachers. The program has a good mixture of native Chinese and international students, and the faculty have very solid training in linguistics, earned both in China and abroad. They possess a strong understanding of the Chinese language itself, as well as how to teach it to foreigners effectively.

As for the city, Xiamen is probably one of the most underrated cities in China. The air is cleaner, the people are friendlier, and there is a lot of history and culture available both for the tourist and the expat living here. If you are looking for a challenging program that will bring your Chinese language ability to the next level, consider the applied linguistics program here at Xiamen University.


Riccardo Dal Maso from Italy, a Student of MA in Law

I think that Xiamen University is one of the few universities in the world able to put together a good education plan, a wonderful campus a fascinating social life in a fast changing city. You need to definitely put a certain amount of effort in your studies but everything is made easier by the teachers help and the reciprocal support among students. For any specific questions you can always freely interact with the professor after class and classmate are always nice and helpful.

There are as well many international students so you have the possibility to become friend with people all around the world. The campus is by the sea, so quite often you might find yourself having class while admiring a wonderful blue sheet from the window. The campus of Xiamen University is wonderful it has a lot of green areas with small artificial lakes. Social life is simply great since Xiamen is a wonderful city, with beaches, scenic spots, restaurants where you can eat food from all the worlds, cafes and clubs. Coming to Xiamen University is definitely an experience worth doing.


Toh Chai Wei from Malaysia, an Undergraduate in English

I’m a Malaysian of Chinese descent. I was raised in Malaysia and have received an education in plural cultures. In my home country, children of ethnic Chinese learn three languages – Malaysian, English and Chinese. After graduating from high school, I began pursuing my dreams of experiencing traditional Chinese culture in China, eventually landing in Xiamen by a great stroke of luck!

To me, Xiamen is a seemingly familiar city and Xiamen University is a home away from home. Xiamen folks speak the same dialect as some of the ethnic Chinese in Malaysia, making me feel particularly close to the city. Xiamen’s food is also similar to that of Chinese people in Malaysia, making me feel at home. The uncles and aunts in the side streets all wear warm smiles. Moreover, it’s very easy to get around in Xiamen. In my first few days at Xiamen University, I was amazed by the school’s radio gymnastics competition; it was so cool! All students were moving in unison! Besides, Xiamen University is right next to the Nanputuo Temple, with added serenity. On major Chinese holidays, I often take my foreign friends to the temple to pray for blessings. Here at Xiamen University, we have the tranquil Hibiscus Lake, free rice, and comfy dorms. I congratulate myself on having made the right decision to study at Xiamen University!

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