Bachelor’s courses provided in NCU

Teaching language: Chinese

Medical School: Clinical Medicine, Nursing,Anesthesiology, MedicalImageology,medical Inspection,Stomatology,Pharmacy,Preventive Medicine.

School of Humanities: Chinese Language and Literature, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign or Second Language, History, Archival Science, Philosophy.

School of Journalism and Communication: Journalism, Radio and Television Journalism, Advertising, Drama Film and Television Literature.

School of Art &Design: Art and Design, Industrial Design (Art), Painting, Animation, Fashion Design and Performance, Musicology (Vocality), Musicology (Instrumental),Dancology,Performance(Broadcasting, and Emceeing).

School of Foreign Language Studies:English,Japanese,German,French,Spenish. School of Law: Law.

School of Public Administration: Administrative Management, Public Affairs Management, Public Relations, Social Work.

School of Life Sciences &Food Engineering: Bioscience, Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Aquaculture, Food Science and Engineering, Food Quality and Safety.

School of Economics &Management: Economics, International Economics and Trade, Finace, Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing, Financial Management, Tourism Management, Industrial Engineering, Logistics Management.

School of Sciences: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computing Science, Physics, Applied Physics, Optical Information Science and Technology, Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Management Science.

School of Material Science &Engineering: Materials Science and Engineering, Polymer Materials and Engineering, Materials Physics.

School of Environmental &Chemical Engineering: Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Process Equipment and Control, Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument, Safety Engineering.

School of Mechanical Electronic Engineering: Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, Material Processing and Control Engineering, Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Vehicle Engineering.

School of Architecture Civil Engineering: Architecture, Urban Planning, Water Supply and Sewerage Project, Engineering Management, Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, Civil Engineering.

School of Information Technology: Electrical Engineering and Automation, Automation, Electronic and Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Network Engineering, Digital Media Technology, Information Management and Information system, E-commerce.

School of Education: Education, Applied Psychology, Sports Training.

School of Software Engineering: Software Engineering, Computer Software, Information Security.

School of Photovoltaic Engineering: Material physics (Photovoltaic Material)

Chinese Training Courses

MajorModern Chinese
Duration1~2 years
CertificateNanchang University Certificate, HSK certificate (if qualified)
FocusChinese listening, speaking, reading and writing. There are 3 levels – preliminary, intermediate and advanced level courses, all of which aim at improving students’ Chinese language abilities.
Advantages1. The only HSK test center in JiangxiProvince.
2. One to one language partnership
3. Excellent Language-studying environment