Master of Business Administration (MBA) program

Study at Nanchang University

Nanchang University is a national university situated in central China in Nanchang,Jiangxi province.Nanchang is the capital with beautiful scenery, the Ganjiang River passing through the city, interlaced rivers and lakes in the city and green hills outside the city. The city has a good air quality without the haze and the urban green coverage reaches 59%, leading the first-class ecological environment

Nanchang is an energetic city with promising future. It has become one of the best places in China for living and a modern city for pioneering, increasingly showing the stance of overall rising. It is one of the 35 biggest cities in China.

Nanchang University is appointed to be one of National Model Base of Education for International Students in China with strong academic faculty.NCU,with qualified faculty and abundant teaching conditions,has maintained stable exchanges and cooperative relationships with more than 60 universities and institutions in over 30 countries and regions.

MBA Program

The MBA program taught in English with a study period of 2 academic years was launched stared to take in international students in 2010.

This program is distinguished by its high-level learning experience and large number of global students and universal access to the best of China.This program will also help you achieve multicultural understanding, establish a global vision, and get connected with peers from around the world. We welcome you join our program.Currently,The MBA program has cultivated 3 terms of excellent graduates from over 60 countries.

Our school is fully committed to the principle of equal opportunity in both employment and education.


The objective of the MBA program of NCU is cultivating talents in the field of business administration who:

◆Equipped with modern management knowledge and professional skills

◆With excellent competencies in analyzing, judging, decision making, organizing and leadership

◆With spirits of competition, creativeness and commitment

◆With business ethics of sincerity, credit and repay the society

◆Good at communication, cooperation and teamwork

Main Courses

NCU Postgraduate Program for MBA (2014 Edition)


Course TypeCourse NameHoursCreditsSuggested TermExamining Method
1234ExamTerm Paper
Basic CourseChina and Chinese Culture32232
Business Etiquette32232
Core courseAccounting48348
Marketing Management48348
Managerial Economics48348
Strategy Management48348
Finance Management48348
Human Resources Management48348
Optional CourseCorporate Organization and Governance32232
Communication Management32232
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management32232
Consumer Behaviour Analysis32232
Supply Chain Management32232
Project Management32232
Financial Statement Analysis32232
Cross-culture Management32232
dissertationThe dissertation accounts for 4 credits
MBA Program credits: 32, dissertation credits 4. Total Credits: 36

Application Documents

1.Application Form

2.A copy of passport

3.Notarized diplomas for highest education

4.Academic transcript.

5.Foreigner physical examination form

6.No Criminal Record Certificate

Time of Application: From 1st April to 31st May Every Year.

Time of Enrollment: September Every Year.

Tuition Fee

RMB 23000 per/academic year

(The MBA program is taught in English)


Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship is provided

Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship for international students is established by Jiangxi provincial government.We will award excellent students with different amounts of bonus at one time.


The International Student Apartment of Nanchang University can provide a quiet, clean and comfortable accommodation for the International students.

Room typeFees(RMB)Facility
Single room1000 person/monthKitchen, living room,bathroom
Double room625 person/monthKitchen, living room,bathroom