International Students Admission Information

I. An Overview

Sichuan Agricultural University (SAU) is an educational institution of higher learning with a long history (founded in 1906). It has been selected by the Chinese government as one of the top universities in the country to receive special funding under the “National Project 211” program. Beautified by green mountains and blue rivers, SAU is situated in the well known city of Ya’an,the hometown of Giant Panda and the cradle of Tea Culture of the world, the same as top ten China glamour city and Chinese excellent tourist city. Connected by express highway, Ya’an is 148 km away from Chengdu(about 80 minutes’ drive), the capital city of Sichuan province, and 130 km away from the Shuangliu international airport. The main objective of the university is to train agriculturalists at different level. At present, SAU has got 14 colleges, one graduate college, 5 research institutes, 2 state key disciplines, 63 specialties at the undergraduate level, 73 specialties at the master’s level and 32 at the doctorate level. The university is accredited to grant Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctorate degrees. The present total enrollment stands at around 21,000.
II. Contact Us
Applicants apply directly to the International Office of Exchange and Cooperation of SAU.
III. Materials Needed
1. Qualified applicants should fill out the Application Form for Foreigner Wishing to Study at SAU.
2. Application material:
Applicants who would like to study at SAU are supposed to supply materials as follows:
(A) Submission of the Following materials for Chinese language study:
(1) Application form
(2) Personal resume 
(B) Submission of the Following materials for diploma study:
(1) Highest diploma or degree (notarized photocopy)
(2) Transcripts (notarized photocopy)
(3) Master's or Doctor's applicants must submit two letters of recommendation
(4) One copy of Certificate of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). A primary stage C grade qualification of the HSK is necessary.
(C) Submission of the Following Materials for Special Course Training Programs
(1) Copied Highest Diploma
(2) Personal Resume
IV. Tuition and Living Fee (RMB Yuan)

  1. Registration fee: 400 Yuan per person.

  1. Tuition fee:



Yuan / person


Chinese language study

Long-term school

2 weeks


3+1 long-term school is from Monday to Friday. Study time: 3 periods/ per. morning, 45 minutes / per period. Main class: Listening comprehension; reading; Chinese grammar or intensive Chinese. There will be a 45 minutes oral Chinese class in afternoon in which oversea students will practice oral Chinese with teacher one by one.












Winter & summer school is from Monday to Friday. Study time: 3 periods / per. morning, 45 minutes / per period. Main class: Listening comprehension; reading; Chinese grammar or intensive Chinese.









course study

Under- graduates

Per year


Please check the available courses in the following form.  

Masters and general training students


Doctors and advanced training students


Short term training

Please visit our website::

(3)Standard room for foreign student: 40 Yuan per day for short term students staying less than 2 months, and 30 Yuan per day for student staying more than 2 month (excluding fee of power and water),  with the equipment of phone, TV, air conditioner, bath room, internet service for personal use.
We also offer the postgraduate student’s dormitory with TV, balcony, sofa, 25 meter square public room to foreign students. Single room costs 30 Yuan per day, and double room 20 Yuan for two person per day, and 4,000 Yuan per year for long term students.
(4) Food expenses: Students can go to any of the various dining halls on the campus. Usually food costs 300-500 Yuan per person per month.
(5) The self-paid students have to pay their own medical care, travel expenses and textbooks.

Ⅴ . Specialties of Enrollment: (Please check the attached courses list)
1. Undergraduates (BS degree): more than 60 specialties.
2. Postgraduates (Ms degree): 59 specialties (1 — 3 years)
3. Doctorate and the equals: 24 specialties (1 — 3 years)
(Further information could be found on the following web site:
http: //202.115.176 . 32/web /wsb/english/courses.htm )
Ⅵ . Notice:
1. Applicants who want to study at SAU can get in contact with us in any way as follows to get an application form. Fill out the form and mail it back to us.
International Office of Exchange and Cooperation
Sichuan Agricultural University
Yaan , Sichuan 625014
Tel: +86–835–2882233
Fax: +86–835–2883166
Website: http://www .
2. For degree and long term study students, please send back the filled out Application Form, and the notarized education diplomas and school reports, along with the Physical Examination Form endorsed by a public hospital. To those who qualify after examination, a letter of Enrollment Notice and JW202 Form issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education will be granted, with which a visa (“F”for less than 180-day studying and“X”for more than 180-day studying) can be obtained from a Chinese Embassy or Consulate.
3. Those holding the Enrollment Notice and JW202 form are expected to register within the notified dates. Those who fail to register within 15 days after the deadline without necessary procedures for postponement permission will be denied admission.
4. Beginning Date of Studying: September 1st of each year is the beginning date for degree students. Flexible times for other students. Please inform us your time of arrival of Chengdu in advance and we will be there ready for help.

















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