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Campus Life:Location, Facilities and Class Activities

Location Map of Baoding Campus of NCEPU

The Baoding Campus of NCEPU is located in the ancient city –Baoding city, a good place to explore the rich Chinese culture, where many cultural relics and various delicate Chinese foods can be found. As a transportation hub in northern China, Baoding city has easy access to many other cities. It takes only 50 minutes to travel by bullet train to Beijing, the capital of China, about 40 minutes to Tianjin (the Baoding-Tianjin high-speed railway will be open to traffic in 2015), a city province, and about 40 minutes to Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei province. As a prestigious campus of NCEPU, Baoding campus is made up of 3 campuses which are not far from one another. The warm-hearted people, abundant tourism resources, lower living expenses, and convenient transportation will make study at NCEPU (Baoding) a wonderful experience.

West Gate of First Campus of NCEPU(Baoding)

South Gate of Second Campus of NCEPU(Baoding)

Apartment for International Students of NCEPU(Baoding)

Library of NCEPU(Baoding)

Multimedia Classroom of NCEPU(Baoding)

Athletic Field of NCEPU(Baoding)

International Student Experiencing Traditional Chinese Culture-Chinese Calligraphy

International Student Experiencing Traditional Chinese Culture-Chinese Cooking

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