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Master’s Program


Postgraduate study period is 3 years. Master’s Degree shall be conferred after students complete the graduate study according to teaching plan, pass graduation review and have no failure record in any course or thesis.

Program List

SchoolsSerial No.Major in English
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering1Electronic Science and Technology
2Electrical Engineering Theory and New Technology
3Electric Machine and Electric Appliance
4Power Electronics and Electric Drive
5Electric Power Systems and Automation
6Information and Communication Engineering
7High Voltage and Insulation Technology
8Agricultural Electrification and Automation
School of Environmental Science and Engineering9Industrial Catalysis
10Chemical Engineering
11Environmental Engineering
12Environmental Science
13Applied Chemistry
School of Economics and Management14Industrial Economics
15Management Science and Engineering
17Technical Economics and Management
19Enterprise Management
20Quantitative Economics
School of Control and Computer Engineering21Computer Software and Theory
22Computer System Structure
23Computer Application Technology
24Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment
25Control Theory and Control Engineering
26Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
27System Analysis, Operations and Control
28Systems Engineering
29Information Security
School of Energy, Power and Mechanical Engineering30Vehicle Engineering
31Power Machinery and Engineering
32Engineering Thermophysics
33Heat Supply, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering
34Mechatronics Engineering
35Mechanical Design and Theory
36Mechanical Manufacture and Automation
37Renewable Energy and Clean Energy
38Fluid Machinery and Engineering
39Thermal Power Engineering
40Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
School of Humanities and Social Sciences41Research on Marxism in China
42Civil and Commercial Law
43Social Security
44Ideological and Political Education
45Litigation Laws
46Public Administration
School of Mathematics and Physics47Optics
48Computational Mathematics
49Theoretical Physics
50Applied Mathematics
51Operations Research and Control Theory
School of Foreign Languages52English Language and Literature

File Requirements

Applicants are supposed to send the following materials to before 31st, May.

1.North China Electric Power University (Baoding) Application Form


3.Study Plan

4.Two Recommendations

5.HSK Certificate(Score: 180 of Level 4 for programs in science and engineering, and 180 of Level 5 for programs in liberal arts)

6.Transcripts of Undergraduate Studies. (Must be notarized)

7.Diploma of Undergraduate Studies (Must be notarized)

8.Graduation Certificate of Undergraduate Studies (Must be notarized)


10.No Criminal Record Certificate

11.Financial SupportGuarantor Form and Guarantor’s ID

*All materials should be presented in the originals or copies with official seal

* Application materials should be in Chinese or English

*Application materials and application fee will not be returned

*Applicants should be above 18 years old and under 35 years old


1.Tuition: 27000 yuan/year

2. Application Fee: 300yuan(only accept cash payment,be paid when registering)

Registration Fee: 500 yuan/year(only accept cash payment, be paid when registering)

3. Comprehensive Insurance Fee: 800yuan/year

4. Accommodation Fee: Single Occupancy: RMB 70/day

Double Occupancy: RMB 45/person/day.

The fees must be one-off paid every semester or year. Another 1000 yuandeposit is needed when checking in, which will be refunded when you check out.

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