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The Great Praises in Cultural Exchange Activities in Brazil

Being invited by the Brazilian federal government folk art Cooperation Committee in early August, members from the education alliance of martial arts of SUTCM (Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine) participated in New Plata International Folk Art Festival cultural activities in 2014, this alliance spread the culture of Chinese medicine and artistic charm in Brazil.

During their stay in Brazil, the alliance have successively performed together with different arts performing groups from South Africa, Colombia, Russia, Brazil, Paraguay, Sakha and other countries. The cultural exchange activities, bridging the interaction and friendship between youth in China and the world through spreading Chinese culture, has won widespread praise at home and abroad.

Martial arts program from SUTCM was praised as the best stunning performances, and has participated in series of performances in different local areas, for instance, the new Brazilian Plata International Folk Art Festival, the new Plata Council conference, Shengkuluzi stadium performances, handicraft exhibitions and book fairs, street carnival and parties. After the end of each show, there are always many local people and friends from around the world asking for signature, experience exchange and posing for pictures. This alliance prepared and well-rehearsed "Chinese charm," "Tai Chi Imagery" and several other collective projects and individual performances, The "China charm" show combined the Chinese WushuChangquan, Tai Chi, Nan Quan, fencing , broadsword, whip, etc. together, presenting the hardness and softness of Chinese Kong Fu and reflecting the essence of martial arts; The "Tai Chi Imagery" focuses a fan as the weapon and absorbs the essence of Tai Chi ,showing the harmonious integration of man and nature, man and society through series of coherent actions and moves.

The rendition of Tai Chi exercises was accompanied by acupuncture, massage and other techniques demonstration, participants from different colors around the world flocked to experience and reacted strongly. The profound Chinese medicine pushed the culture exchange activities to a climax. And the alliance received many consults on the spot, attracting a great number of students’ interests in Traditional Chinese Medicine Cure.

Cultural Exchange Group from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine won great praise for spreading Chinese Culture during their studying visit to USA

July 2014, 25 members of 2014 Summer Season Cultural Exchange Groups from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine paid a studying visit to St. Martin's universities in America for cultural exchange. During this visit, the exchange group set up a three-day Chinese language and culture summer camp for sixty 5-12 year-olds in Lacey Seattle. Seattle "The Olympian” reported on July 28 on their headlines: Children doing the summer camp in St. Martin's University enjoyed an great time with exchange students from China, they learn Tai Chi, making crafts, learning to speak Chinese figures..., all these teachers are students from Shanghai University of Chinese medicine.

Members of the delegation were carefully prepared before departure: colorful handicrafts, sleek story comics, martial arts and Chinese characteristics, vivid slide producers and so on. These teachers simplified the teaching with entertainment when they were spreading Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting and the dragon mask producing technology. The Tai Chi moves and actions were described as "push the candy", "pat the dog" and other vivid expressions, so American children experience the magic of Chinese culture in a relaxed atmosphere.

In this cultural summer camp, this group of Chinese Traditional Medicine students makes China and American cultures interwork together in mutual respect and mutual tolerance atmosphere. Students of the delegation felt that the American education advocates individuality and focuses on the development; also, they felt a more profound responsibility and the arduous task of the inheritance of TCM pharmaceutical culture.

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Held Professor Xu Shuzhen special contribution honors ceremony in Sino-Thai TCM education cooperation

November 26 afternoon, “Sino-Thai cooperation in medical education special contribution honors” ceremony was held at the International Cooperation Center of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University. Huachiew chalermprakiet University, President Ye yaosheng, Vice President and Chief Medical College Dean Wu Laipan and other representatives of Thailand; hanghai University of Traditional Chinese president Xu Jianguang, former president Professor Yan Shiyun, Vice President Shi Jianrong, Hu Hongyi, as well as Thai students, the International Institute of Education Teachers representatives of nearly a hundred people attended the ceremony. Xu Jianguang awarded honorary certificates and medals for Xu shuzhen, former president of Thailand Huachiew chalermprakiet University.

Found by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine University and Huachiew chalermprakiet University, Sino-Thai TCM undergraduate education project formally implemented in September 2003, and first recruit students in 2004, is Thailand's first undergraduate program in Chinese medicine. In 11 years’ Cooperation, Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine sent nearly hundred people of outstanding teachers in teaching of traditional Chinese medicine course, open to receive thousands of Thai students to clinical practice base graduation practice of Shanghai university of TCM. Under the joint efforts, showed a steady upward trend in enrollment, to explore a win-win model of international cooperation in Chinese medicine education, has been to Thailand has cultivated nearly 300 professionals of Chinese medicine, play the part of demonstration role for the internationalization of Chinese medicine education development.

project founder Professor Xu Shuzhen and Professor Yan Shiyun promoted two schools’ cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine education, open the Thai local TCM undergraduate education. To this end, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine awarded Professor Xu Shuzhen " Sino-Thai cooperation in medical education special contribution honor."

After the ceremony, the two schools jointly held a symposium of Sino-Thai cooperation in medical education. Both sides put forward opinions and suggestions on the future expansion of Sino-Thai cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine education leading ASEAN development issues.

Shuguang Hospital of successful treatment of sudden cerebral thrombosis foreign pregnant women

Recently, a pregnant woman from Jamaica who had an emergency of sudden cerebral thrombosis caused by hyperemesis gravidarum was successfully rescued by the medical staff of Shuguang Hospital. The emergent incident struck the girl with fright and made her travel to China unforgettable. But the superb professional techniques and the kind hearts of the medical staff of Shuguang Hospital also left an indelible impression on her.

The medical crew terminated the woman’s pregnancy after getting her informed consent in order to alternate hypercoagulability. In addition, department of medical affairs of Shuguang Hospital arranged chiefs of Neurology Department, Obstetrics & Gynecology Department, Cardiovascular Department, Cerebral Surgery Department and Medical Technology Department to carry out collaborating inspection for the patient. With the integrated treatment of western medicine and Chinese medicine as well as the devoted care provided by nurses, the young woman was rescued and her limb functions had been quickly restored. Upon hospital discharge, the young woman was full of excitement and gratitude. She gave the medical staff a thumb-up.

Innovation of TCM Originates from Inheritance --the Launch of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine “Innovation Learning Studio”

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine officially launched the “Innovation Learning Studio” with the theme of “Prioritizing Inheritance and Emphasizing Innovation” on Dec.31st, 2014. Vice-president Mr.JiGuang delivered an ebullient address on the opening ceremony. He pointed out that the development of TCM cause relies on scientific researches and innovation and that innovation originates from and prioritizes inheritance, and is founded on the cultivation of talents and that the development shouldproceed step by step in an orderly way.

The lectures and learning experience offered by “Innovation Learning Studio” will be categorized into several theme modules. They are: traditional Chinese Medicine theory learning, on-the-spot investigation of scientific research base, innovation ability building and project tutor guidance. In order to integrate theory with practice, and to enhance the learners’ ability and operative skills, the studio will invite 973 principal scientists and “1000 talents project” scientists as well as other academic gurus to give face-to-face lectures about academic pursuit and the way of being. It will introduce the idea of “creativity training battalion” and undertakes round-the-clock innovative experiments. Simultaneously, the studio will explore the on-line “third classroom”. It will utilize Yiban website and enable more students to learn about innovation through on-line synchronous learning.



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