About Yantai

One of China's first 14 open coastal cities, Yantai is an international port city in Northeast Asia as well as part of the Bohai economic circle.

Yantai features a temperate continental climate, four seasons, and a famous summer resort.

Yantai was named “Charming City”, in an evaluation of China's best tourist cities.

In 2012, Yantai was named the best leisure city in China, characterized by its hospitality.

Mineral products

Yantai is a major gold producing area in China, with its gold reserves and production ranking first in China.


In 2005, Yantai was awarded the United Nations Habitat Award.


Yantai is located in Jiaodong Peninsula, which is one of the birthplaces of folk culture and Shandong cuisine.


Yantai is easily accessible by land, sea, and air. It is linked with many cities at home and abroad, forming a well-developed transportation network.


Yantai is world famous for its rich wines, assorted fruits, and seafood.