Postgraduate programs for Int’l students

School of Economics and ManagementNational Economics;Business Management
Law SchoolJurisprudence;Legal History;Constitutional Law and Administrative Law;Criminal Law;Civil Law and Commercial Law;Science of Procedure Laws;Science of Economic Laws;Environment and Natural Resources Protection Law ;International law
School of HumanitiesChinese Ethnic History;Ancient Chinese Literature;Comparative Literature and World Literature;Archaeology and Museology;Special history
School of Foreign LanguagesEnglish Linguistics and Literature;Asian-African Linguistics and Literature;Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics;Translation(Chinese & English & Japanese)
School of Mathematics and Information scienceFundamental Mathematics;Applied Mathematics;Operational Research and Cybernetics
School of Opto-electronic Information Science and TechnologyTheoretical Physics;Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics;Atomic and Molecular Physics;Condensed Matter Physics,Optics;Ra Radio Physics;Physical Electronics;Signal and Information Processing
School of Chemical and Biological Science and EngineeringAnalytical Chemistry;Organic Chemistry;Physical Chemistry;Marine Biology;Chemical Engineering;Industrial Catalysis;Processing and Storage of Agriculture Products
School of OceanographyHydrobiology;Biochemical Industry
School of Electromechanic Automobile EngineeringMechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation
School of Environment and Materials EngineeringMaterialogy;Environmental Science
Computer SchoolComputer Software and Theory;Applied Computer Technology
School of Civil EngineeringGeotechnical Engineering;Structural Engineering;Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering and Protection Engineering
School of PharmacyMedicinal Chemistry;Pharmacology