Undergraduate programs for Int’l students

School of International EducationChinese Language (for international students);Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language;Global Business Management(taught in English)
School of HumanitiesChinese Language & Literature;Journalism
Law SchoolLaw
School of Foreign LanguagesEnglish;Korean;Japanese
School of Economics and ManagementInternational Economics and Trade;Business Administration;Accounting;Marketing;Public Administration
School of Mathematics and Information scienceMathematics and Applied Mathematics;Information and Computing Science;Statistics
School of Opto-electronic Information Science and TechnologyApplied Physics;Electronic Information Engineering;Communication Engineering;Nuclear Engineering and Technology;Internet of Things
School of Electromechanical Automobile EngineeringMechanical Design & Manufacturing & Automation;Measuring-Control Technology & Instruments;Vehicle Engineering
Computer SchoolComputer Science & Technology;Automation;Software Engineering
School of Chemistry and Chemical EngineeringApplied Chemistry;Chemistry Engineering & Technology;Polymer Material and Engineering
School of Life SciencesBiological Science;Biological Technology;Bio-Engineering;Food Science and Engineering;Food Quality & Safety
School of ArchitectureArchitecture(5 years);Arts Design
School of ArtsMusicology;Music Performance;Choreography
School of Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering;Project Management;Water Supply and Drainage Engineering
School of PharmacyPharmacy;Chemical Engineering & Pharmacy
School of OceanographyAquaculture Science;Marine Engineering;Navigation Technology;Thermal Energy and Power;Marine fishery science and technology
School of Environment and Materials EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering;Material Science and Engineering;Metallic Materials Engineering
School of Physical EducationSports Training