Chinese Classical Gardening Art


Note:China, the home of gardening art, has a remarkable .influence on the development of gardening in the world. Chinese gardening art, colorful and impressive, displays the most and best traditional spirit of China. Characterized by their architectural style and artistic rockeries, beautiful ponds, brightly colored buildings and luxriant plants, gardens in China always represent the finest and the highest standard of architecture and aesthetics in the world. All can be interesting and informative. The applicant who completes the courses will be awarded a certificate.    

Courses:  “Chinese Classical Gardening History”; “Chinese Gardening Art”; “Geomantic Omen”; “Chinese Gardening Techniques”; “Well-known Chinese Trees, Flowers and Birds”.
Duration & Tuition: 2,070 Yuan RMB (Person / 2 weeks); 4,025 Yuan RMB (Person / 4 weeks).


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