How to Identify and Domesticate
    Chinese Medicinal Herbs


Note: Nowadays it has been a world-wide fad and trend to find a retreat in the great nature. We could see that traditional Chinese medicine and traditional medical treatments are more and more preferable and acceptable in hospitals. Over the past 2,000 years, traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacalogy, a rich treasure house created by ancient Chinese people in their long years of struggle against diseases, has made outstanding achievements within the healing arts. Sichuan Province is well known as the “home of Chinese traditional medicine as well as the medical kit of China”. It produces a variety of 4,354 documented medicinal materials and there is a saying that “a prescription can never be made up without some Sichuan medicinal herbs”.
This program offers seminars to dwell on how to identify and domesticate some of the well-known Chinese medicinal herbs of Sichuan and their functions. Trainees will have a golden chance to visit some of the modern traditional Chinese pharmaceutical factories and some well-known medicinal herb gardens of Sichuan. A certificate will be awarded to each applicant when the program completed.
Titles of Seminars:
ABC of Traditional Chinese Medicine ;Traditional Chinese Pharmacalogy ;        Identification of Chinese Medicinal Herbs ; Domestication of Medicinal Herbs ;        Garden Construction of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials ; Practice and visiting tours to some medicinal gardens, parks and museums are well arrenged to make the seminars more interesting and instructive.
Duration & Tuition: 3,450 Yuan RMB (1 Person / 2 weeks); 5,750 Yuan RMB (1 Person / 4 weeks)


Chinese Medicinal Herbs
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