Chinese Language

Note:The Chinese language is one of the most widely used languages in the world and its written form has served as the chief medium of cultural continuity for more than 2000 years. The forms of Chinese characters, non-alphabetic, are so both impressive and interesting that the calligraphy has been considered the highest of arts. This program, “3+1 flexible Chinese learning program” offers to help those who want to have a basic commder of spoken Chinese in daily communication or further study. The applicant who completes the courses will be awarded a certificate.
Courses:  Listening comprehension, Reading and Gram Listening comprehension, Reading and Grammar, oral Chinese practice under the guidance of one teacher for one student.
Duration & Tuition:

3+1 Flexible Chinese Language Program


Tuition / person


2 weeks


“3+1 flexible Chinese learning program” is conducted on office hours weekdays (from Monday to Friday) though two intensive teaching blocks i.e. 3 periods (Listening comprehension, Reading and Grammar) in the morning, 1 period of oral Chinese practice in the afternoon under the guidance of one teacher for each student.

4 weeks


8 weeks


12 weeks


16 weeks


1 year




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