Animal Nutrition Certificate Program


Note:The certificate program is intended for those students who wish to continue their education in animal nutrition beyond the Bachelor of Science degree but do not desire the additional research emphasis of a formal graduate degree. International students may find the structure of a one-year certificate program ideal to advance their training in the disciplines of animal nutrition. This training will combine course work, laboratory instruction and possibly animal experiment and dissertation writing in animal nutrition and related disciplines.

Program Items
Course study:Courses available as graduate program.
Research practice:Provide applicants with opportunity and facilities for research.
Supporting research:Provide graduates with any supports and help for their diplomatic degree.

Program duration
1、3、6、9、12 month(s) as optional.
Program tuition
Depending on program item and duration.
For course study:55yuan Yuan RBM per hour.
For research practice:3,450 Yuan RBM per month.



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Animal Nutrition Certificate
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