Management of Fauna and Flora


Note:Ya’an, in Sichuan Province of China, boasts the “very home of the giant panda” for it is the first place, where the giant panda was discovered in 1869 by Pere Armand David, a biologist from France, who then named it and introduced it to the world. Sichuan Agricultural University, the host of this teaching program, is situated in Ya’an. This program offers seminars to dwell on the preservation and management of such rare wild animals as giant panda, golden monkey, turquoise monal, etc. students will be taught how to distinguish Chinese wild animals, how to make ecological investigation in the wild. While making ecological tour in the wild, students can have a firsthand knowledge of the construction and management of China’s fauna and flora. The classes of the firsthand animal behavior observation and the biological preservation could be more interesting and instructive.

Titles of Seminars:

“How to Distinguish Chinese Rare Birds”,
“How to Distinguish Chinese Rare Animals”,
“How to Distinguish Chinese Rare Reptiles”,
“Preservation Biology”
“Ecological Investigation Technology of the Wild”
”Project of the Giant Panda Preservation”
“Preservation and Management of China’s Wild Animals”
“Construction and Management of China’s Fauna and Flora”

Duration & Tuition:  5,750 Yuan RMB (1 Person / 6 weeks)

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